our staffThe following story about the Cedar Rock Grill was published on November 1, 2006 in the Rock Valley Bee.

A transformation is taking place in one of Rock Valley’s downtown businesses. The former Towne House building is experiencing many changes as it becomes renovated into the Cedar Rock Grill. Les Burggraaf will be owner/operator and has been in the restaurant business for over twenty years.

“The original thought was that this restaurant would be Rock Valley’s restaurant. This place would tie into both the town history, as much as possible, and what Rock Valley is known for today,” Burggraaf explained. The name itself, Cedar Rock Grill, contains significant symbolism. Rock Valley’s name was influenced by the Rock River so ‘rock’ was an important word to incorporate into the business name. The word ‘cedar’ stemmed from the fact that the cedar tree is a unique find along the Rock River, and the men want this establishment to be seen as unique as well.

The decorating revolves around the name. From the outside landscaping of rock, evergreens and cedar mulch to the cedar walls and rock around the fireplace, “It’s all “cedar rock” from the outside to the back room,” stated Burggraaf. Next spring there are plans for a stream to be in place outside, but there will also be a water feature inside. The water symbolizes the Rock River, an important resource for the town from its very beginning. “People like to go to a place where they can learn a little bit about the community and we want this business to be a reflection of Rock Valley,” Burggraaf stated.

Entering the restaurant, you will find yourself in the Boathouse Coffee Shop. Burggraaf described it as a room “where people can sit and share stories over a great cup of coffee.” There will be tables and chairs in this area. “It will be a great place for casual dining in the evening.” The floor in this room will be polished concrete that is stained and sealed. The rocks in the floor will be another visible reminder of the town.

The back room, to be known as the Lodge, is reached by walking along a plank dock. Its decorations will reflect the lodge atmosphere with a rock fireplace, cedar siding and vintage photographs of Rock Valley. “A lodge should be warm and cozy and that will be the theme,” Burggraaf explained. “It should also be comfortable and relaxing but yet have the latest in technology.”